Steer Clear of Guesswork! Behavioural Science has the Answer

Phillip Adcock

Use Behavioural Science to better understand your customers’ decisions*

*and influence them.
Uplift in brand preference by adding Behvioural Science to wine adverts
Uplift in shopper engagement by adding Behvioural Science to POP
Improvement by adding Behvioural Science to packaging
Applying Behavioural Science

You provide the problem, we’ll offer a mind-science solution.

Behavioural Science makes things easier for you, your team and your customers.
1. Decluttering
In today's crowded marketplace, standing out is a constant struggle. Applying Shopper Psychology helps your brand shine amidst the clutter. Using Behavioural Science guarantees your products capture more of the attention they deserve.
2. Enhancing Price Perceptions
Price perception can make or break a sale. Applying shopper psychology enables you to reshape how shoppers perceive prices and special offers. Move away from the pain of margin erosion towards a more profitable pricing strategy.
3. Shopper Oriented Category Management
Category management often feels like a never-ending puzzle. When you infuse proven Behavioural Science into your category management you start to make your categories truly shopper oriented. Say goodbye to the frustration of underperforming categories & hello to a much better shopping experience for your customers.
4. Improved Packaging
Packaging is your silent salesperson on the shelf. Applying Behavioural Science to packaging designs, transforms them into powerful communication tools. Bid farewell to ineffective packaging that fails to connect with shoppers & embrace psychologically 'loaded' packaging that drives engagement and sales.
5. Less Wasteful Shopper Marketing
Shopper marketing can feel like a shot in the dark. Bringing shopper psychology into your shopper marketing initiatives, makes them work harder both in-store and online. Say farewell to vague campaigns & hello to precise, targeted strategies that resonate with shoppers.

Join 100+ brands across 28 countries that have already applied the Behavioural Science expertise of Adcock Solutions Ltd.

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“We followed every bit of Phil's advice on packaging & sales have skyrocketed.”
2 Sisters Food Group
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“What can I say, the insights great and the results outstanding!"
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“These guys create shopper driven strategies which deliver real ROI.”
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