Having a Shopper Psychology skillset is proven to help you grow your business by aligning your products with the minds of shoppers, retaining loyal customers, reducing communications costs and increasing sales and profitability. Our Professional Training courses allow you to obtain qualified expertise in Shopper Psychology and Behavioural Science.
Phillip Adcock

Personalised team development

Use our extensive Behavioural Science knowledge to empower your team to achieve your business goals. Our expertise has helped teams improve customer communications by 40%.
Don't miss this opportunity to transform your team and achieve your business goals

What's in a workshop?

Tap into a wealth of research, knowledge, and experience to optimise aspects of your business. Our training is clear and consistent, ensuring that it is always aligned with your business goals.
By participating in a workshop, you can empower yourself and your team to make informed decisions and drive your business forward."

Making it happen

First and foremost, we thoroughly review and understand your goals and priorities, as well as your specific training needs and objectives. This enables us to tailor our approach and ensure that our activities are focused and effective.
At Adcock Solutions, we identify the root of your problems and provide personalised, cost-effective training to empower you and your team to overcome them
Our goal is to tailor our Behavioural Science training to your organisation's unique needs. By collaborating with you, we can ensure our training aligns with and supports the best interests of your organisation.
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Behavioural Science at Your Fingertips

More Effective Training

Maximize the impact of your training with our behaviourally-focused workshops. Our approach combines the latest in behavioural science with valuable insights into your brand and consumers, creating a highly effective learning experience.

Learning that is second to none
Our expertise and dedication to providing valuable and cost-effective training make us a valuable asset to any organisation
Collaborative Approach
We believe that the best training is that which is co-created with the clients, ensuring that it is relevant, engaging, and effective.
Understanding your Consumer
If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, let's work together to create a successful training program that will drive positive change for you, your company and your customers.
Designing Memorable Training Experiences
These workshops are a fantastic resource for business professionals looking to improve their skills and grow their businesses.

Don't just take my word for it

Not only have I worked with more than 60% of leading brands and retailers for more than 20 years, I have done so in way that has added tangible value & provided great insights & input into team solutions.

Phillip’s sessions were thought provoking and helped support our commercial teams in thinking beyond the numbers.
Shopper Insights Controller
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed! We got plenty of messages, people saying they enjoyed this and found it very useful!
National Trade Marketing Director
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed. I can't believe the potential you uncovered for our brand!
Brand Manager
Philip Adcock

The amount of information provided is truly exceptional

Our workshops provide exceptional levels of information, combining professional expertise with a deep understanding of your business, brand culture, personality, and goals.

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