Having a Shopper Psychology skillset is proven to help you grow your business by aligning your products with the minds of shoppers, retaining loyal customers, reducing communications costs and increasing sales and profitability. Our Professional Training courses allow you to obtain qualified expertise in Shopper Psychology and Behavioural Science.
Phillip Adcock

Shopper Psychology training & development

I passionately believe that an understanding of Shopper Psychology is fundamental to the growth and profitability of business.
Whether you are an experienced professional, a busy executive or just starting out on your retail journey, this training is perfect for you.

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What is The Shopper Academy?

The Shopper Academy was born from business and our foundation is built through the unrivalled experience working with 70% of leading brands and retailers in helping them better understand and meet the needs of shoppers.

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Unlocking Brand Potential

Irresistible Shopper Marketing
Learn how to connect with the minds of shoppers and consumers. We’ll provide you with the insights to facilitate more customers seeing, engaging with, and buying your brand.

Convincing Communications
Behind successful brand communications lies a foundation of proven psychology. Use this expertise to generate stronger connections with shoppers. Optimise the design of your communications so that your brand easily and effectively cuts through to shoppers and consumers.
Better Shopper Experiences
Shopper experiences are grounded in evolutionary psychology. Let’s improve your brand presence so that you generate stronger, more beneficial emotional connections with shoppers and consumers, and help them prefer and select your brand more easily.
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Shopper Psychology at Your Fingertips

What will you gain from this course?

Maximize the impact of your training with our Shopper Psychology based workshops. Our approach combines the latest in behavioural science with valuable insights into your brand, shoppers & consumers, creating a highly effective learning experience.

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A deep understanding of Shopper Psychology
The skills and tools required to create new strategies and how to drive improvement in existing interventions and communications.
Expertise & Knowledge
The confidence to discuss and implement Shopper Psychology strategies with senior leadership at the highest level in your organisation, and with trading partners.
Powerful insights
Understand the crucial part that psychology, behavioural science, and cognitive biases play in shopper excellence.
Professional Training
The expertise to advance your career and to speak the language of shopper excellence.

Don't just take my word for it

Not only have I worked with more than 60% of leading brands and retailers for more than 20 years, I have done so in way that has added tangible value & provided great insights & input into team solutions.

Phillip’s sessions were thought provoking and helped support our commercial teams in thinking beyond the numbers.
Shopper Insights Controller
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed! We got plenty of messages, people saying they enjoyed this and found it very useful!
National Trade Marketing Director
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed. I can't believe the potential you uncovered for our brand!
Brand Manager
Philip Adcock

The amount of information provided is truly exceptional

Our workshops provide exceptional levels of information, combining professional expertise with a deep understanding of your business, brand culture, personality, and goals.

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