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Expertise in every area of shopper & consumer research, making sure none of your research questions goes unanswered. Every project we run encompasses a detailed briefing, the most appropriate research methods for the job, and easy-to-understand debrief reports
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The expertise that deliver

Your customers are the beating heart of your business and our intuitive approach has been designed to deliver unparalleled consumer insight. Every client is an individual. Our specialist understanding of your business, your brands and your team will lead to more insightful, more engaging research initiatives.

Knowledge is power

A collaborative and integrated approach to research & insight, leveraging 20+ years of expertise to achieve your business goals.
A combination of professional expertise, enablement, and execution with understanding the complete picture of your research needs.

Making it happen

We begin by understanding your business, your objectives and needs and go out of our way to support you with regular updates.
The researchers then get under the skin of your brand and work with you as a team to guide you to than through the best research solutions
The we make sure the research initiative is well structured, organised, flexible, and delivers key milestones to the overall project plan
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Behavioural science Insights at Your Fingertips

The 4 Rules of Better Research

We believe that our input and advice into how to optimise your research activity will be invaluable to you. Thus enabling your team to improve ROI and make the most of your research budgets.

Subconscious Trumps Conscious
95% of human decision making happens below any conscious level - you need to go beyond just asking people what they do.
People Don't Mean What they Say
Words represent just 7% of human to human communication - most interview-based research methods miss 93% of what respondents communicate.
Memory of a Goldfish!
Short-term working memory forgets after 18 seconds - people forget most of what they did and so can’t accurately recall.
Looking isn't Seeing
Looking and seeing aren’t the same things - analysing what consumers and shoppers look at doesn’t reveal much at all about what they actually see.

Don't just take my word for it

Not only have I worked with more than 60% of leading brands and retailers for more than 20 years, I have done so in way that has added tangible value & provided great insights & input into team solutions.

Phillip’s sessions were thought provoking and helped support our commercial teams in thinking beyond the numbers.
Shopper Insights Controller
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed! We got plenty of messages, people saying they enjoyed this and found it very useful!
National Trade Marketing Director
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed. I can't believe the potential you uncovered for our brand!
Brand Manager
Philip Adcock

Strategic thinking, quality insights & focused on results

Consider Adcock Solutions an extension of your own research & insight team. A resource that you can tap into when there are competing priorities.

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Philip Adcock - Your Chief Behavioural Science Officer

Why you need a dedicated CBSO

A guide to partnering with your Chief Behavioural Science Officer.

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