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Why you need me?

For the past 20 years, I’ve used consumer psychology and behaviour to explain customer perceptions and decision making. I empower brands and retailers to provide the best customer experiences possible in a competitive marketplace

Understanding the minds of consumers and shoppers has been my passion for 20 years

"You know your brand, I know your shopper. Between us we can optimise your shopper, consumer and customer experience."

At Adcock Solutions, our specialist understanding of consumer psychology and shopper behaviour will empower your business to create more positive and engaging customer experiences.

Uncover hidden psychological customer needs, to help your brand be the preferred choice more of the time.

The following benefits have the potential to transform Customer Experience (CX)?

Five benefits

We use psychology to create better experiences for your customers:

1. Irresistible Customer Experience Branding
I’ll empower your brand so that more customers see, engage with and buy your product. Learn how and why different aspects of brand design embed your brand into the minds of shoppers and consumers.

2. Effective Customer Experience Design
Customers see and evaluate packaging, displays and websites in milliseconds. With that in mind, discover how to optimise your presence so that your brand stands out, engages and appeals as possible. Psychology can help your brand more than you'd think.

3. Convincing Customer Experience Communications
Behind successful brand communications lies a foundation of proven psychology. Use this expertise to generate stronger emotional connections with customers. Optimise the design of your communications so that your brand cuts through to shoppers and consumers. Make your brand more appealing and as easy as possible for shoppers and consumers to buy.

4. Better Shopper Experiences
In-store customer experiences are grounded in evolutionary psychology. Let’s improve your brand presence so that you generate stronger, more beneficial emotional connections with shoppers and consumers, and help them prefer and select your brand more easily.

5. Marginal gains for Maximum Improvement
Small changes in what you 'say' and how you 'say' it can cause dramatic changes in customer behaviour. From Packaging to POS, Print to Promotions, add proven psychology to help you get the most from your in-store and online presence.

I've already helped 62% of leading brands and retailers improve the shopping experience for their customers and subsequent perceptions of their brands.

I’d like to do the same for you.

Bridging the gap between neuroscience & marketing

Understanding how your target consumers think & behave is the key to taking your brand to the next level

Delivering Expertise

For the certainty & confidence of knowing your focus on customer experience is contributing to the growth of your brand and your business

Join 62% of leading FMCG brands who’ve benefitted from £2 Billion in additional sales opportunities generated by understanding shoppers & consumers.


We’ll introduce game-changing neuroscience into your communications to make your messages more impactful, more effective & more resonant.


Because we partner with neuroscience experts from commercial & academia you can be assured of more impactful shopper & consumer insight.

marketing communications

I’ll help your brand connect, resonate & engage more effectively.

Uplift in brand preference by adding neuroscience to wine adverts
Uplift in shopper engagement by adding neuroscience to POP
Improvement by adding neuroscience to packaging

What do you need help with?

What your customers think

I've delivered psychological insights & behavioural change initiatives to more than 100 brands across 28 Countries
“As a result, we changed our packaging which led to a 23% increase in share.”
Chris Lacey
Head of Merchandising & POP
“What can I say, the insights great and the results outstanding!"
Global Food Brand
Trade Marketing Manager
“These guys create shopper driven strategies which deliver real ROI.”
Global Beverage Company
Category Director

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