Adding behavioural science to your photo-shoot

People’s faces are not just blank canvases upon which expressions write their emotional messages. In fact, facial appearance forms part of an important social signalling system. Our faces, along with our bodies, reveal much more about us than we realise.

Adding Neuroscience at the Photo Shoot

As a species, we can instinctively detect genuine facial expressions from those which are more ‘staged’. That’s why you need Bridge 87 to help you make your photography more authentic and engaging.

When we attend a client photo shoot, we add authenticity and naturalness to the imagery. This results in more emotional, compelling & persuasive shots.

  • Propensity to purchase a product up by 41% after a more realistic image was used
  • Adding humanisation increased stand out by 30%
  • A ‘naturalised’ image was the unanimously preferred choice by 6 Countries

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