Creating a customer-oriented path to purchase

Refining and optimising your customer path to purchase couldn’t be easier. Why not ask us about our comprehensive audit of how your brand is perceived by shoppers in-store?

Based on 30 years of analysing shopper psychology & shopping behaviour. Enhanced with key learnings from leading psychologists from academia, what we have is an enormous database consisting of 800+ powerful insights. These insights have been amassed while working with 62% of top 100 fmcg brands in UK.

This priceless shopper understanding is now available to you in the form of shopper based ultimate path to purchase audits.

  • Compare & analyse your brand across 14 different metrics.
  • Discover what’s good, what’s not so good & how to increase your brand share in-store & online.
  • Quantify your brand’s ability to be seen connect, to persuade & to sell.

A true insight powerhouse that has already generated more than £2 billion in additional sales opportunities.

Let's make it better: Better for your brand, better for your business and most of all, better for shoppers and consumers.

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