Effective marketing communications

Refine and develop the most effective marketing communication.
Incorporate proven mind-science into creative designs.
Provide a more objective and scientific creative sign-off process.

Our Master Database Ensures Accurate Analysis


Behavioural science insights accumulated over 30+ years of experience


Cognitive biases analysed to understand the mind of the consumer.


Categories for testing design effectiveness in marketing communications.

Purchasing Funnel

See: How psychologically attention-grabbing is the design?

Appeal: How psychologically pleasurable and non-threatening is the design?

Engage: How easy is it to mentally process this design overall?

Buy: How well does this design communicate the psychological need being met?

Cognitive Processing

System1: How intuitively does this design communicate?

System2: How effectively does this design communicate rational information?

Emotion: How well does this design emotionally connect and communicate?

feedback illustration showing sad face, middle and happy
cards illustrations

Visual cues

Layout: Does the layout of the design help or hinder from a psychological perspective?

Colours: How psychologically effective are the colours used in the design?

Imagery: How psychologically effective and relevant are any images in the design?

Fonts: How easy is it to mentally understand and process this design based on the fonts used?


Copy: How easy is it to mentally process the copy used in the design?

Numbers: How psychologically effective is the way any numbers are used?

Price: How psychologically effective is the way the price is communicated?

Promotion: How psychologically effective is the way the promotion is communicated?

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