Add Behavioural Science to your marketing communications

Better position your organisation.
Really land with your customer.
Influence shopper and consumer decision making.
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What is Behavioural Science?

You may think people make ‘irrational’ decisions, but when it comes to human actions, there’s a method to the madness; Behavioural Science - predictable patterns in behaviour...

Is Behavioural Science needed for your business?

Yes! If you deal with humans, you need to understand Behavioural Science. That's how you build better products, better brands and better people.
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Why Behavioural Science?

Distinguish yourself from competitors by using Behavioural Science to build brand loyalty by reassuring customers that you have their best interests at heart. Having a Behavioural Science capability is a critical strategic asset for businesses nowadays.

Applying Behavioural Science to marketing communications


Auditing the current messaging, considering your audience’s predispositions, experiences and environment.


Create MarComms interventions that incorporate Behavioural Science and ‘human-centricity’ to truly engage audiences.


Make marginal gains for continual improvement, resulting in better strategic decisions and more of your intended results.
Applying Behavioural Science

Putting the customer first brings results

Why? Because, you’ll know what they think about your products and how they make purchase decisions.
Personalise Communications
Developing a deeper understanding of how customers behave means you can deliver marketing initiatives that speak directly to them.
Understand Decision-Making
Improving your understanding of the various factors that drive people's day-to-day decisions and activities can lead to positive outcomes.
Leverage Emotions
Understanding the psychological factors that influence behaviour allows you to strike the right chord, persuading consumers to take the desired action.
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Why Behavioural Science?

More persuasive and effective marketing
Stronger relationships with your teams
Greater influence over shopper actions and choices

How to implement Behavioural Science

We’ll work together to analyse, strategise and implement proven tactics along the buyer process to optimise your brand for buyability.
Learn how to cut through the ‘noise’ of modern society to stand out against not only competitors, but the array of information your customers are faced with.
Position your messaging in a manner that will not only capture your customers attention, but that will truly resonate with them.
Leverage ‘predictable’ behaviour patterns to influence shoppers’ in-store and online decision-making process.