Master Your Brain

"Wow, I never knew so much was going on inside my head until I read Phil Adcock’s new book. AND I never knew how much of my life depended upon what was happening 'upstairs' and how that fit into every aspect of my life."

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Book Description

What do you aspire to that always seems out of reach—a choice promotion? The dreamy guy or gal you’ve had your eye on? That perfect home somewhere in paradise? Highlighting the latest discoveries in neuropsychology, Master Your Brain offers science-based solutions for overcoming your greatest obstacles. By demystifying how (and why) our brains function as they do and—crucially—how we can apply these insights to everyday situations, Commercial Psychologist, Phillip Adcock, provides us with the tools to dramatically improve our lives in every area, from work and relationships to health and sports.

Why You Need This Book

Master Your Brain offers unparalleled insights into neuropsychology and an unrivalled approach on looking inside the brain to master how it works and affects our every day lives.

This book is for everyone. It's not fluffed full of academic jargon but instead offers a real-life take on the influential factors of decision-making, emotions, language, memory, fears and so much more. It's a guide to training your brain for success in life.

Master Your Brain will take you on a journey of self-discovery, offering strategies for self-motivation and how to strive for success, ultimately leading you to a happier, healthier, more successful YOU.

What Readers Are Saying

“An inspiring book. From beginning to end it conveys the conviction you need to succeed in anything and everything large or small that you set your sights on. Just reading it for the first time changed my outlook and started me on a success path. If I follow all the directions the book portrays with determination, unwavering faith and continual perseverance towards my goals, I will achieve anything and everything.” D.A.
“I found so many surprises in this book, including things about why I am who I am; how to motivate myself and others to do specific tasks; and how the brain is behind every human function you can possibly imagine. Not only that, but the book tells HOW and WHY our brains work the way they do. The author discusses in detail how we can reprogram our brains to give us what we want from life–guaranteed!
There is no power on earth more impressive than that mass of muscle and electrons sitting squarely between our ears. Wow! Enlightening, to say the least. If you want a competitive edge – whether it’s in the realm of your personal life, your love life, or your business life – get this book and read it from cover to cover. It’s one of the best investments in a happier and more successful YOU you’ll ever make.” D.J.H

About Phillip Adcock

Phillip Adcock is a leading authority on shopping and consumer behaviour. With more than 30 years of human behavioural research, he has developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people tick, both psychologically and physiologically. Moreover, Phillip has developed his skills by combining the teachings of experts on numerous aspects of neuroscience, psychology and emotion within his professional role of helping leading brands and retailers better understand their customers - The shoppers.

Phillip Adcock

Phillip Adcock
Psychology & Behaviour
Change Consultant

About Phillip Adcock

My name is Phillip Adcock: I have more than 30 years of human behavioural research and analysis, and have developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people psychologically and physiologically 'tick'.

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Phillip Adcock

Phillip Adcock
Psychology & Behaviour
Change Consultant

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