Effective decision hierarchy & easier to buy

Understanding what people do and don't buy is just the tip of the iceberg. Only when you understand why they do and don't engage with your brand can you really form meaningful relationships with consumers and shoppers.

Decision hierarchies Designed for System-1 and System-2

We’ll help you leverage emotion & reason equally effectively, directing more shoppers & consumers towards your brand. Learn to balance emotional responses with logical brand consideration. Make us part of your design process, helping your existing team make buying your brand as simple and straightforward as possible.

Understand how to optimise your offering to align with the System-1 and System-2 needs of potential customers. Take the risk out of your shopper and consumer facing communications.

  • The human brain processes emotional stimuli 3,000 times faster than more rational input.
  • Emotional persuasion is 24 times more persuasive that reason.
  • Applying emotion at the very moment shoppers were making purchasing decisions led to an increase in add-on sales by 15%.

Contact us for an informal discussion about how we can make it easier for your brand, easier for your business and most of all, easier for shoppers and consumers.

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