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The key to the success of any quality product, is effective packaging.Creating a packaging design that suits the product, stands out on shelf, and doesn't cost a fortune to produce is a real challenge. ... Now more than ever, packaging design matters.

To communicate wisely you must understand the workings of the minds of your customers. You also need to know how to influence them effectively. Discover how to apply psychology to your packaging designs. We’ll help you and your designers create harder working, more consumer-friendly persuasive packaging.

3 Reasons why you should incorporate shopper & consumer psychology into your packaging design process:

  1. Only 5% of what we look at is mentally absorbed.
  2. The vast majority of designers aren’t psychologists.
  3. The odds of someone even seeing your messages are around 500/1.

If you’d like to know more about the huge benefits of adding psychology to your packaging, give me a call now on 07960 109876 or email me at

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