Philip Adcock

What are your brand communication challenges?

Carry out a comprehensive Behavioural Science based health check of your brand communication

My review is extremely solutions-focused which makes your job easier

PLUS: 30-minute call to understand your business & team dynamics.

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Could your packaging be Any Better?

The passion for packaging optimisation I posses is second to none. A combination of 20+ years experience and Behavioural Science expertise is some of the the best in the industry.

Do all of your target customers really understand your brand?

Does your team recognise the awesome power of processing fluency. The easier it is for consumers and shoppers to mentally process your brand, the more they'll prefer it - It's that simple.

Phillip Adcock
Philip Adcock

Could your brand communications be more Solutions focused?

Compare your brand communications across a range of vital behavioural science metrics, from appeal, to engagement and propensity to purchase.  My brand communication review offers a quick way for you and your team to realise what real customers think you you.

Who is this for?

This isn’t for everyone.

My brand communication review will  pinpoint any issues and guide you towards solutions that are practical and affordable for your team.

Marketing Directors/Executives
Empower your team to deliver game-changing brand communications across all shopper and consumer touchpoints.
Brand Managers
Tap into the power of emotional engagement and resonance to make your brand the one shoppers and consumers will emotionally prefer.
CEOs / Company Directors
Drive business and brand performance by embedding proven consumer psychology and behavioural science throughout your organisation.
Category Teams
Introduce shopper and consumer psychology to your category management. Optimise category performance and share cutting edge insights with your trading partners.

What you'll learn

Generate real brand and business understanding by tapping into a database of more than 1,500 proven psychological and behavioural science insights
Discover how to win the hearts and minds of more consumers and shoppers, more often
Engage more effectively with both existing and new customers, by being the most psychologically aligned solution for their needs
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01. Attract

Discover why you could be missing out on as much as 95% of potential stand out, in-store and online

02. Appeal

Being emotionally appealing can make your brand 24 times more preferable than anything else

03. Engage

Learn the formula of optimal emotional and rational brand communication

04. Buy

Discover what real shoppers really want in those vital moments when they make their purchase decisions

Reviewing your brand
in-store + online

Small changes in what you 'say' and how you 'say' it can cause dramatic changes in customer behaviour. All available Behavioural Science options are fully researched and clearly explained, so you can decide what's best for you, your team and your brand.

I've already helped 62% of leading brands and retailers refine and optimise their brand communications:

  • Packaging & POS
  • Customer communications
  • Print & Promotions

Don't just take my word for it

Not only have I worked with more than 60% of leading brands and retailers for more than 20 years, I have done so in way that has added tangible value & provided great insights & input into team solutions.

Phillip’s sessions were thought provoking and helped support our commercial teams in thinking beyond the numbers.
Shopper Insights Controller
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed! We got plenty of messages, people saying they enjoyed this and found it very useful!
National Trade Marketing Director
Thank you Phillip, you did a great job indeed. I can't believe the potential you uncovered for our brand!
Brand Manager
Philip Adcock

Keep strategy & insights simple

A brand communications review will be thought provoking and help support your commercial teams in thinking beyond the numbers

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