Shopper Consultancy & Expertise from £1,250

Using shopper consultancy to transform consumer engagement with your brand, online & in-store, making it easier to want, prefer and buy.

Using shopper consultancy to transform consumer engagement with your brand, online & in-store, making it easier to want, prefer and buy.

Making brands better

Just like Amazon, Google and Apple, you rely on customers, shoppers and consumers. But do you fully understand how easy it is for shoppers and consumers to engage with your brand?

Whether you want to focus on a specific aspect of your customer-facing activity or feel the need to transform your brand appeal, understanding the mind of the customer is key.

Marginal gains for brands and businesses

The concept of marginal gains has revolutionised some sports. The same approach can also transform shopper and consumer engagement with your brand.

The doctrine of marginal gains is all about making small incremental improvements to any process which, when all added together, result in a significant overall improvement.

Marginal gains are most easy to understand when considering the approach of Sir Dave Brailsford. When he became performance director of British Cycling, he set about breaking down the objective of winning races into its component parts. Brailsford believed that if it was possible to make a 1% improvement in a whole host of areas, the cumulative gains would end up being hugely significant.

Team GB cycling used to be also-rans in world cycling.Indeed, one pundit described the operation as "a laughing stock". But in the last two Olympics, Team GB has captured 16 gold medals and British riders have won the Tour De France three times in the last four years. This is the power of a questioning mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement.

If this approach can have such dramatic results in sport, what could it do for your brand?

My top 5

I’ve accumulated more than 1,500 marginal gains that you could implement that will make a positive difference to your brand. Here are my Top 5:

Processing Fluency: The easier it is to think about your brand, the more people will like it.

Loss Aversion: Losses hurt twice as much as gains - 'save 10%' trumps ‘10% free’

Emotional Appeal: Emotions are 24X more persuasive than reason

The Speed of Emotion: Emotional stimuli are processed 3,000X faster than rational thought

Power of Pictures: The human mind processes images much more quickly and effectively that words


My shopper consultancy expertise will help you optimise every aspect of your brand 'easiness'. With decades of experience, unquestionable consumer expertise and proven results, you're in safe hands!

If you’d like to know more about the huge benefits from implementing a marginal gains approach, give me a call on 07960 109876 or email me at

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