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Rethinking Marketing and Insights: Discover how behavioural science can make your brand easier to want & buy.

Rethinking Marketing and Insights: Discover how behavioural science can make your brand easier to want & buy.

Rethinking Marketing and Insights:

Brands spend billions trying to understand and influence consumers; with mixed results. Discover how behavioural science can reveal the often-hidden factors that really drive consumer behaviour.

I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with marketing and insights leaders from more than 100 organisations across 28 Countries.  I know today’s consumer, and can tailor your workshops and training from basic foundational understanding to advanced neuroscience for brands.

Key benefits

Learn how to make it easier for you brand, business and the customer by:

  • Framing your value proposition more effectively
  • Redesigning research practices to generate real consumer insights
  • Effectively embedding consumer oriented test and learn processes
  • Understanding conscious and unconscious choice drivers
  • Designing more memorable customer experiences

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.

Building on a deep heritage in shopper and consumer psychology, Adcock Solutions partners with global marketing leaders to develop, test, and disseminate new insights that advance the understanding of the changing consumer. We help industry leaders apply the most advanced understanding of consumer decision making in today’s omni-channel marketplace.

Having worked with 100+ brands across 28 Countries for over 2 decades, Adcock Solutions understands how to empower organisations like yours.

We’ve run 100s of courses tailored to all levels of business

My top 5

Shopper 101 – What is a shopper and how do they decide

Emotion and Promotion – How to harness the power of emotion and promote smarter

Information exchange – What makes for good and not so good customer communication

The Mr Spock fallacy – How and why humans aren’t rational decision-making super computers

Getting better answers – Using psychology and behavioural science to create more insightful research initiatives

If you’d like to know more about the huge benefits of behavioural science training for brands, give me a call now on 07960 109876 or email me at

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