5 In-Store Tricks Sell us More Stuff

5 In-Store Tricks Sell us More Stuff

The best defense against buying things you don't need is knowledge. Recognise some of the sophisticated tactics used to persuade you to buy in-store...

Retailers use a wide variety of psychological strategies to entice shoppers to buy products. With advances in psychology and technology, sales tactics have become increasingly more sophisticated and more effective.

Some are obvious but most of the time customers succumb without their knowledge. The best defence against sales ploys is knowledge. Recognising some of the sophisticated sales ploys will make you a better shopper.

Hard to Open Crisp Bags

Have you ever wondered why bags of crisps are so hard to open? The answer is simple. Retailers purposely design packages to be hard to open. When consumers are forced to work hard to get access to food, the food tastes better. Of course, this is an illusion, but if the food seems to taste better, repeat purchases are more likely.

Free Gift Offers

Free gifts are not free. When a free gift comes with the purchase of a product, shoppers are more likely to buy the product. The next time you go for a two for one product or buy one get one free sale, just know that you are the victim of marketing. Make sure you normally use both products offered or use the extra added value product, then it becomes a win-win.

Emotional appeal

Words such as “Homemade,”and Home Cooked” printed on food labels add emotional appeal to food products.Words like these remind people of when they were young and their mothers cooked meals in warm, homely kitchens. The words “Grandmother’s” or “Grandma’s” also activate memories of the sights, sounds, and tasty smells of grandmother’s kitchen. The same good feelings people feel when they become nostalgic are transferred to the products that print these words on food packages.

Hoarder Frame of Mind

A hoarder frame of mind is when shoppers are enticed to purchase multiple grocery items because they are on special offer. The logic is simple. I’ll use one of the items now and store the rest of the items for later consumption. As time passes, many people forget what’s at the bottom of their cupboards.The food goes unused for many months and eventually gets thrown out.

Folded Clothes

Clothes are stacked on tables in neat, folded rows for two reasons. First, the retailer wants you to touch the garment. If you like the feel of the fabric, then you subconsciously become more emotionally attached to the garment and are more likely to buy the garment. Second, folded clothes create curiosity. Customers often wonder what the rest of the garment looks like. In order to find out, the customer must unfold the garment. In doing so,the customer is forced to feel the garment. If the garment feels good to the touch, a sale is more likely.

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