Behavioural Science-Driven Marketing Communications: A Formula for Success!

Behavioural Science-Driven Marketing Communications: A Formula for Success!

Create more effective marketing communications, by comparing your designs against 1,500 Behavioural Science insights and more than 100 Cognitive Biases.

A unique service that compares specific marketing communications of yours, against 1,500 Behavioural Science insights and more than 100 Cognitive Biases. Our goal is to help create you the most effective design for marketing communications, and to provide a more objective and scientific creative sign-off process.

We are a team of experts in Behavioural Science and Cognitive Biases. We specialise in helping our clients refine and develop the most effective marketing communication, by incorporating proven mind-science into their creative designs.

Our process begins by comparing your marketing communications designs against over 1,500 Behavioural Science insights and more than 100 Cognitive Biases. We then provide you with a detailed report on how well your design performs in each of 15 different categories:

Purchasing Funnel

See: How psychologically attention-grabbing is the design?

Appeal: How psychologically pleasurable and non-threatening is the design?

Engage: How easy is it to mentally process this design overall?

Buy: How well does this design communicate the psychological need being met?

Cognitive Processing

System1: How intuitively does this design communicate?

System2: How effectively does this design communicate rational information?

Emotion: How well does this design emotionally connect and communicate?

Visual Cues

Layout: Does the layout of the design help or hinder from a psychological perspective?

Colours: How psychologically effective are the colours used in the design?

Imagery: How psychologically effective and relevant are any images in the design?

Fonts: How easy is it to mentally understand and process this design based on the fonts used?


Copy: How easy is it to mentally process the copy used in the design?

Numbers: How psychologically effective is the way any numbers are used?

Price: How psychologically effective is the way the price is communicated?

Promotion: How psychologically effective is the way the promotion is communicated?

Our master database is constantly updated with the latest research in Behavioural Science, so you can trust that you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date analysis.

Clients can use our service either to select which design will be the most effective, or to optimise specific aspects of their marketing communication. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of Behavioural Science and Cognitive Biases, and are dedicated to helping you create the most effective marketing communications designs possible.

Contact us today to learn more and get started on improving your marketing communications strategy.

Adcock Solutions have been improving the marketing communications of leading brands and retailers for more than 25 years.

We explain how your customers really think and make decisions, so that you can engage with them more effectively. Come to us for Behavioural Science insights and expertise that improves the visibility, appeal, engagement, and sales of your brand.

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