Understanding Shopper Thoughts

Understanding Shopper Thoughts

Shopper thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions influence shoppers' decision-making and alter buying behaviour.

Businesses need to understand their customers, because understanding shopper thoughts helps to develop products and marketing campaigns that appeal to the right target audience.

Do you know why people buy some products and not others? Have you ever wondered how advertising and in-store POS influence a shopper's buying choices? If so, then you might be interested in talking about shopper psychology and shopper thoughts.

As a professional in this field, I look at things like the decision-making process and shopper motivation to help understand why shoppers buy some things but not others.

Shopper thoughts & decision-making

Understanding your audience's mindset should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Run surveys and feedback campaigns to gather opinions on shopper experiences and develop strategies that tender to their needs. Encourage consumers to share their thoughts on their in-store experience in order to gauge where you can make marginal gains.

Shopper motivations & emotions

Emotions influence purchasing behaviour. They have the power to change shopper thoughts more than any other element of marketing. Emotions drive irrational decisions, meaning that shoppers will be more inclined to make spontaneous buying decisions if they are emotional stimulated. The richer the emotional content of a brand or product’s mental representation, the more likely the shopper will buy and the consumer will become a loyal user.

Influencing shopper thoughts

Loyalty schemes are a great way to influence shopper thoughts - brand advocacy is the pinnacle of retail success as this guarantees return custom and sustainable buying behaviour.

Tesco does exactly this with their loyalty scheme - the Tesco Clubcard - which rewards customers with exclusive offers and vouchers not only for shopping at Tesco but in return for completing feedback surveys through their aptly named Shopper Thoughts scheme.

Brands should reflect on their loyalty and reward schemes. After all, if you give to your customers, they're far more likely to give back to you.

Effectively reaching target customers

I play a critical role not only in helping businesses understand what customers want and need but also in helping brands and retailers better meet the deep, implicit, emotional needs that are at the forefront of shopper thoughts and their decision-making toolkit.

As a shopper psychologist, I spend a great deal of time learning about shopper thoughts, motivations and decisions - I share these insights in group workshops and training sessions to teach you how to use psychology in your marketing strategies.

I offer unparalleled insights into shopper thoughts and decision-making processes which mean that you can profit from shopper's subconscious mind! Discover the real 'why' behind the buy in order to find out what really makes shoppers tick.

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About Phillip Adcock

My name is Phillip Adcock: I have more than 30 years of human behavioural research and analysis, and have developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people psychologically and physiologically 'tick'.

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