Professional Training In Shopper Psychology

Professional Training In Shopper Psychology

A 90 minute online training course developed to give you and/or your organisation a practical, understanding of all aspects of Shopper Psychology.

The result of 25 years of shopper psychology and shopping behaviour analysis. Enhanced with the key learnings from leading psychologists from academia, the basis behind the Shopper Psychology training programme is a database of more than1,500+ insights.

Shopper Psychology (SP) is a fast-growing discipline in the corporate world today.

Having a Shopper Psychology skillset is proven to help you grow your business by aligning your products with the minds of shoppers, retaining customer loyalty, reducing communications costs and increasing sales and profitability.

Shopper Psychology Foundations

This Professional Training course allows you to obtain qualified expertise in Shopper Psychology. It will help you to advance your career in this exciting, dynamic, and fast-moving sector.

For professionals already underway in their careers, this training will provide you with an opportunity for professional development and give you a roadmap to advance your professional development.

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About The Shopper Academy

Having worked with 100+ leading brands, across more than 25 Countries, the experts at The Shopper Academy are now setting the global standard for Shopper Psychology training and excellence.

We passionately believe that an understanding of Shopper Psychology Foundations  is fundamental to the growth and profitability of brands and retailers. Whether you are an experienced professional, a busy executive or just starting out on your retail journey, this training is perfect for you.

There has never been a more exciting or opportune time to learn the skills and knowledge contained in Shopper Psychology Foundations.

Our Professional Shopper Psychology Foundations course is one of a range of advanced programmes

Find out more about the full range of training modules available NOW.
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Developed to give you and/or your organisation a practical, and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Shopper Psychology. The training has a commercial and practical focus on teaching great Shopper Psychology strategies, insights, and proven interventions, with an emphasis on brand performance.

Who is this course for?

  • Brand Marketing Executives  
  • Business Owners
  • Category Directors, Leaders/Managers
  • CEOs and Senior Management
  • Insight Managers
  • Retail Professionals

What will you gain from this course?

  1. A deep understanding of Shopper Psychology, the skills and tools required to create new strategies and how to drive improvement in existing interventions and communications.
  2. The confidence and knowledge to discuss and implement Shopper Psychology strategies with senior leadership at the highest level in your organisation, and with trading partners.
  3. Professional training supported and validated by Shopper Psychology industry leaders.
  4. Powerful insights into the crucial part that psychology, behavioural science, and cognitive biases play in shopper excellence.
  5. The expertise to advance your career and to speak the language of shopper excellence.

Training Just How You Want it.

The benefits from receiving expert Shopper Psychology are clear. However, we recognise that as busy professionals, finding time to invest in serious self-improvement and professional development, can be a real challenge.

Therefore, we offer a variety of training delivery options, each aimed at being customisable to your own personal and organisational needs.

You tell us your preferences and we will create a bespoke Shopper Psychology education package to best suit your needs and those of your organisation.

What format of Shopper Psychology Foundations is right for you?

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Which format is right for you?

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Adcock Solutions have been improving the marketing communications of leading brands and retailers for more than 25 years. Use Shopper Psychology Foundations to understand how your customers think and make decisions so that you can engage with them more effectively.

Come to us for Shopper Psychology Foundations training, insights and expertise that improve your brand's visibility, appeal, engagement, and sales.

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